Changes in 2023

Following changes due to COVID lockdowns and busyness with onging workshops and trainings, Joanne is moving into the next phase of her career.

Joanne expanded her office to include a specific play therapy area with the ability to use more nature based healing practices, specifically crystals. She also has continued to supervise provisional psychologists, teach at the master’s level and provide therapy both in Calgary and on the Stoney Nakota Nation.


Joanne will be developing an online training program in the next few months. These workshops will mirror the workshops and trainings she has presented over the past couple of years as well as link to her book, The Fifth Position: A guide for developing intercultural resiliency.

Sundancer Psychological Services was established in 1995 by Joanne Ginter who has provided psychological services for almost 30 years under this name. Initially established as a therapeutic agency to provide counselling and assessment services to residents in Cochrane, Alberta and surrounding areas, including Calgary. During this time Joanne also developed and presented training workshops in Canada, the US, and the UK on play therapy and child related therapies.

Since 2003, Sundancer Psychological Services has focused primarily on the development of The Resiliency Project. This has included developing workshops and completing her book on intercultural resiliency, released in December 2016. 

For more information about psychological services, including workshops and training, contact Joanne directly by phone or email: 587-437-9019

what is Sundancer?

The title name Sundancer has its roots in several sources, each with a spiritual and transformative understanding. The ability to creatively find meaning in life events and transform life circumstances provides the basis for resilient counseling; the counseling and training workshops provided through Sundancer Psychological Services. For Joanne, the personal meaning of Sundancer is the creative healing energy required for change that provides the fuel in her therapeutic work.

Sundancer is the source of creative healing.
Sundancer is the energy required for resilient changes.
Sundancer is found in all of us.

Quotes taken from the book Sundancer by Edward Hayes:

“when in a moment of awe I realized that those things we call obstacles in life are in reality celestial mountains. I took the name to remind myself to pause and stand in wonder at life’s problems instead of trying always to avoid them…which is impossible anyway.

“your first lesson is to learn to lay aside the common use of glib or empty words…….you were meant to be something more than a splash of color…”(Tien-shan or Celestial Mountains speaking to Sundancer, a flower