Holy Week then one full moon to another

March 28, 2021

Today is the beginning of holy week in the Christian church. Palm Sunday to Easter have always been a significant time for me. I love the release of Good Friday, and the celebration of life on Easter. This year, it is the same and different. As with everything in life, same and different.

This year will mark the point of transition from one stage of my life to another while renewing a commitment to my calling or higher purpose. I am a Celtic Healer. I was created and given the gifts of healing. For me, this healing has appeared in different ways at different times. In this point in time, I am a therapist, with the registration of a psychologist in Alberta Canada. I am also a mother, soon to be grandmother, friend, and emerging companion.

So, what does this mean? What is the point of transition? What am I talking about?

Last night into today is the time of the Supermoon known to some as the Worm Moon and to others as the Eagle Moon. I find that contrast parallel to the images I took of the moon in the dark sky and then with the morning light. The continual contrast of dark and light present in our lives.

Following both Celtic and Christian beliefs, I am going to commit to the learnings that will be given to me through my Christian practice over this coming week as well as the learnings given to me by the Creator, Goddess, and my ancestors between this full moon and the next.

I also know that the next month will offer me the insights into this next stage of my life. There was another significant point in my life when I was given a gift from the Creator that did not match the timeline I had considered. I feel this is perhaps the same while being different at the same time. All I know is I am going to trust the balance between the light and dark while I consider the learnings given to me.

Today we celebrate with palms the entry of Christ into Jerusalem. Hosana in the highest. Welcome in the name of the Lord.

Blessed be everyone.

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