Choices and Blessings

March 29, 2021

I have been blessed with reminders and teachings in the past 24 hours that I want to share.

First is about Choices.

I went for a walk yesterday morning and saw 2 houses for sale; they were ones that I had previously considered buying if they ever went on the market. Then I went for a drive by the house I built in the country. This was my dream house, the one I planned to leave as a family heritage for my kids. The very one I sold in 2001 when I moved to Ontario to go back to grad school. It was for sale. And today I start the renovations on the bathroom in the condo I did buy a year ago.

I was clearly being invited to consider some of the choices I had made over the past 25-30 years. What would my life had been like had I turned right instead of left? What would my children’s lives be like? What choices are in front of me now? How will those affect the ones I love?

When I think of Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, I can reflect on the choices He made with the knowledge He had about the events of that week we now call Holy Week. I cannot help but think of what Jesus needed as He entered that point in time. And then what we likely all need when we are faced with life changing choices. I believe we need an idea of the possible path, courage, trust, and faith.

This brings me to Blessings.

There are many blessings that we are given each day of our lives. Today I want to talk about water.   Most of the places that I consider sacred in my life involve water. These are lakes, rivers, and the ocean; places I have either visited or the ones I grew up with. In early February, I visited Waterton Lake as I needed to feel the connection to Montana and my recharging/healing spot in Glacier National Park. As I sat by the water, I felt encouraged to write or read every day for guidance. After getting home I spontaneously opened a book I have on St. Brigid. The passage I read encouraged one to spontaneously open a book each day and read what was there. It was hard to turn from a message as clear as that.    

Yesterday, the passage I read was about Brigid being the protector of water, the blessings of water and the blessing of water.

Two main thoughts emerge from this. One is that water is a blessing in our lives as it is necessary for our very existence. The recent events around the world in the past year clearly show all living beings the importance of water while presenting us with choices on how to move forward in respecting the water on our planet. It also invites me to consider the way water is a part of my life. As I commented earlier, I start the renovations on my bathroom today. I have chosen to remake the bathroom as if one were at a beach with images of one of my healing places, the sunrise and sunset and the healing power of water.

Finally, I am left with what choices will I make to respect the water that comes into my home and convey to Brigid that I honor this blessing.

I hope you find courage, trust, and faith in your next life decisions, be they small or life changing. And that you feel the blessings of the Creator and Goddess in your life.    

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