Resiliency Project

welcome to the Resiliency Project!                 


Resiliency: the ability to creatively make new meanings to unfortunate life events

 The creative healing that can be found and nurtured in all of us”

 After nearly 35 years of clinical practice and subsequent

 research, Joanne Ginter has developed

a series of projects titled the Resiliency Project.


Joanne’s book “The Fifth Position, A Guide for Developing Intercultural Resiliency and Pluralism” has just been released through Zeig, Tucker, and Theisen, Inc. 

Joanne expects to start working on her next publication, The Resiliency Story Collection, in the upcoming year. The Resiliency Story Collection is a collection of life stories highlighting the ways that resiliency has created new meanings for individuals, families and communities.


Joanne has developed a series of workshops for front-line therapists each focusing on developing a specific skill.

New Workshops include:

Developing Intercultural Resiliency 

Resilient Family Stories and 

Resilient Voices (Workshop designed to open the doors for resilient healing within our individual selves and our communities through activities, reflection and discussion. Developed for social or business networks (clubs, groups, and small communities) interested in promoting increased self awareness, communication and positive regard between members.

For more information, contact Joanne directly.