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The workshop “Developing Intercultural Resiliency” is being offered now!

February 2017: Calgary, AB.


October 10, 2018: Kingston, ON.

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2019: Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton

Dates to be Announced


About Joanne’s Workshops:

Joanne has a keen interest in training. She actively participates in the training of students and residents on a variety of mental health topics at the local counselling agency where she is both a practicing psychologist and supervisor. Joanne has also developed and presented workshops to professionals across Canada, the US and in the UK. Her most recent area of interest has been in the area of resiliency. In June 2016, she presented the workshop “Resilient Family Stories” at the 2016 Play Therapy United Kingdom Conference.

Due to the recent release of her book “The Fifth Position: A Guide for Developing Intercultural Resiliency and Pluralism” Joanne is in the process of moving forward with the development of the workshop associated with this publication.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops dates!

Other workshops presented since 2008 on resiliency include:

“Facilitating Change in Family Violence through a Collaborative Model”; Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 3, Toronto, ON, Feb. 2013.

“Developing Pluralist Therapy”, Canadian Psychological Association Convention, Halifax, NS, June 2012.

“Building Resilient Stories: Working Briefly with Trauma”, Catching the Winds of Change 4 Conference, Toronto, ON, March 2011.

“Resiliency and the Pluralist: Expanding the Therapist’s Worldview”, The Mental Health and Spirituality¬†Conference, Calgary, AB, September 2009.

“Resiliency and the Pluralist: Expanding the Therapist’s Worldview”, The Spirituality and Mental Health Conference, Ottawa, ON, April 2009.

“Resiliency and Grief with a Pluralist Worldview”, International Network of Personal Meaning, Toronto, ON, July 2008.

“Resiliency and the Pluralist: Building Bridges of Creative Meaning”, Canadian Psychological Association Convention, Halifax. NS, June 2008.

Workshop outlines available on request.

Resiliency workshops can be developed specifically for your area. Contact Joanne directly.