the resiliency story collection

The Resiliency Story Collection is a collection of real life stories each highlighting a particular healing effect of the resiliency process. In the original proposal these stories would be collected and gathered together to highlight the ways that resiliency can be found cross-culturally and to build bridges of understanding between differences in our current world.

Resiliency is:

  • known as the ability to overcome hardship and find new meaning to one’s experience and life
  • a creative meaning making process found within the life stories of children and adults; the young and the old; families and communities
  • can be generated from awareness of the inner strengths found within each individual and fostered within a community of care
  • involves the acknowledgement of one’s story, the ability to find and foster hope through the creation of new meanings, nurtured by someone who cares.

The Resiliency Story Collection is comprised of four parts each highlighting an important area of contemporary culture or society. Our current society is faced daily with critical issues from around the world, most which either directly or indirectly affect our lives. It has become increasingly important as the world shrinks due to technological advances that we learn to build bridges of awareness and understanding between what we know and have yet to learn. It is the underlying belief of this project that better bridges can be built when one shares in the story of another individual.  Resiliency stories and the development of resiliency comes from understanding ourselves, our roots, our relationships and the communities that support us.

The stories throughout the collection will be examples of the ways that people have found new meaning to unfortunate or difficult life events. Joanne is please that this project will begin again this year (2019), when she will be actively collecting stories for future publication.